Planting your own garlic bulbs is fun and rewarding. If you are looking for a farm to buy quality garlic seed bulbs, Marvelous Roots is a good place to shop. We are a small independently owned growing operation in rural Eastern Oregon that sells garlic seed bulbs to home gardeners and other small scale garlic growers. Our goal is to provide high quality seed at reasonable prices.

Marvelous Roots Garlic Seed Farm grows gourmet organically grown garlic right here where we live, in Eastern Oregon.We farm organically and sustainably. Due to our smaller size we have great customer service and quick turn-around times on our shipping and handling. Upon purchase, you should receive your garlic within 3 to 4 days. If you order your garlic early, you can expect shipment around the first week in September.

Our garlic seed bulbs and food grade bulbs are also available at local stores and farmers markets. We grow a nice selection of hardneck and softneck varieties as well as shallots. Every year we should have new varieties available. Here’s what is available for 2015:

√ Silver Skin – Nootka Rose
√ Artichoke – Thermadrone
√ Asiatic – Korean Red
√ Purple Stripe – Persian Star,
√ Porcelain – Music, Zemo, and Romanian Red
√ Rocombole – Killarney Red

garlic seed harvest

The largest and best quality bulbs are sold as seed on our online store. If you would like larger quantities of garlic seed please feel free to call or scroll down and send us a message through the contact form.